In a fast-moving world where shared usage is replacing ownership, flow optimization and access management are the main challenges faced by the cities of tomorrow.

Blue Systems harnesses the knowledge and expertise of its subsidiaries to create ecosystems that optimize the flow of people, equipment and data.

A wealth of knowledge and expertise

  • Automatic Systems designs and manufactures innovative, high-quality equipment to control pedestrian and vehicle access all over the world, securing buildings, perimeter access and roads. The company also provides a comprehensive range of related services.
    It is renowned across the world for its top-quality products, capacity for innovation and focus on customer satisfaction, thanks to the technical skills of its highly qualified team.

  • Since 2007 the Bolloré Group has been associated with the famous coach-builder from Turin, Pininfarina, synonymous with excellence in car design. Together they produced the first concept car, the “B0” model of the Bluecar®. The current version of the Bluecar® is strongly influenced by this design, with the necessary modifications for it to meet the requirements of mass production. The Bluecar® is a clean, quiet and reliable all-electric vehicle. Bluecar® has developed a power electronics system devoted to the LMP® battery to obtain the best possible output from the engine.

    The Bluecar has also been adopted by major groups such as HOP!, Air France, Atos, and SAMSIC, as well as many local authorities.

  • Bolloré telecom is an electronic communications operator that has held a 3.5GHz license since 2006. The company is working on the development of 5G in France, as well as supporting projects to enable wireless high-speed connection in rural areas, by making its spectrum resources available to regional authorities.

  • Easier

    EASIER, formed by merging the operations of IER self-service solutions and Automatic Systems passenger solutions, provides a comprehensive range of high-end products and services to air and land transport operators, and public institutions. EASIER’s expertise in multiservice kiosks and access control technology is combined with the company’s leadership in self-service equipment solutions to deliver postal and administrative kiosks, check-in kiosks, bag-drop solutions, and access control applications for public transport and airline markets.

  • Ier

    IER offers a range of products and services to respond to the problems of States, cities and businesses. For nearly 60 years, IER has pursued its role as a developer of solutions using new technologies to meet the specific needs of its clients. Over the years, the company has diversified and now serves various markets such as electronic ticketing, traceability of assets, charging infrastructures.

  • For the last 10 years, Polyconseil has specialized in innovation and digital transformation, supporting its public and private clients with a comprehensive, cross-sector value proposition. The company is pursuing its expansion in France and abroad, providing teams with the ability to transform propositions and organizations through innovative digital projects, primarily in the field of smart mobility and smart cities.
    It has delivered many high-profile projects with strategic and technological expertise: business planning, project management, design and development of information systems, big data and artificial intelligence.

  • The Smart Mobility Business Unit was established within the division to harness the expertise developed through our shared mobility and electric services, the rollout of complex SaaS-model information systems, and urban data.

    Faced with the challenges of an ever-growing urban population, air pollution, congested roads and overcrowded public transport – which are leading to a massive surge in the demand for urban mobility – cities and major logistical hubs (airports, ports and storage facilities) are looking to implement innovative solutions. To address these challenges, the Smart Mobility Business Unit is positioning itself as a trusted partner that provides services related to real-time smart management of data on transport and the infrastructure being used.


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