EASIER is a new entity created by combining the operations of IER and Automatic Systems Passenger Solutions, two global leaders that are widely recognized by major airports, airlines and public transport operators. EASIER develops new products and services to offer a unique and distinct passenger experience.

With a global commercial presence and a network of authorized partners and dealers, Automatic Systems and IER serve all the big names in the aviation and public transport sectors, ensuring high standards in terms of equipment reliability and maintenance.

Expertise, knowledge and leadership

EASIER’s expertise in detection and access control technology has enabled the company to become a leader in self-service equipment solutions, such as check-in kiosks, bag-drop solutions, e-gates and access control applications for the public transport and airline markets.  EASIER’s knowledge and expertise mean it can offer an unparalleled passenger experience and position itself as the preferred partner for airport and public transport operators.

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Public transport, airports and airlines

EASIER started developing this expertise back in the early 1970s, when Automatic Systems began its international expansion by supplying over 100 barrier gates to the International Airport of Frankfurt. This was followed by several major contracts for high-profile customers in the public transport and air travel sectors, such as French railway operator SNCF, Paris Airport, Belgian railway operator STIB and the metro systems of Manila and Santiago de Chile, among others.

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Air transport market

IER has been supplying the air travel market since 1977, when it launched the first ticket-printing machines with Air France and Swissair.

Since then, EASIER has been the partner of choice for the global aviation industry, offering innovative solutions for passenger handling, check-in, access control, boarding and immigration. EASIER actively shapes the development of the sector with solutions that focus on the customer experience, providing smart solutions so that passengers are able to independently manage their journey at all stages.

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Biometric recognition

It is actively involved in integrating new technologies, harnessing these new developments to improve the overall passenger experience.
With the integration of biometric recognition in various EASIER self-service solutions, the company is supporting airports, airlines and public transport providers in their digital transformation. Its solutions are designed to solve the capacity constraints faced by congested infrastructures that need to process ever-increasing passenger numbers, without compromising security or reliability, ensuring a seamless travel experience for passengers.

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