Blue Systems, a Bolloré Group brand

The Bolloré Group was established in 1822 and is one of the world’s 500 largest companies. It is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, with the majority interest still being held by the Bolloré family. The stability of this majority control enables the Group to develop a long-term investment policy. Thanks to a diversification strategy based on innovation and international development, it now holds strong positions in all its activities around three business areas: transportation and logistics, communication, and electricity storage and systems.

Blue Systems, a set of innovative and high-tech solutions and equipment

Blue Systems was born from the desire to bring together 9 companies from the Bolloré Group within a single brand, combining their knowledge and expertise. Thanks to these synergies, Blue Systems offers a range of technologies and solutions with strong added value, to respond to the new challenges facing companies, towns and cities.

Markets evolve quickly, with new challenges and requirements that companies and cities need to take into consideration in order to progress. Fluid processes, automated and connected management, and environmentally responsible solutions are required.

To respond to these challenges, Blue Systems harnesses its range of skills and knowledge to offer a range of innovative, high-tech solutions to create ecosystems that optimize the flow of people, materials and data.

A combination of solutions and equipment bringing together expertise, technology and reliability

High-performance equipment, solutions for the mobility of tomorrow, and innovative tools for the towns and cities of tomorrow – Blue Systems offers a range of services and products grouped into three areas of expertise: Technology, Smart Mobility and Solutions, through its subsidiaries Automatic Systems, Bluecar, Bluecarsharing, Bluestation, Bolloré Telecom, EASIER, IER, Polyconseil, and its Smart Mobility solution.

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