Blue Systems develops, implements and operates A-B carsharing solutions (cars do not need to be returned to the place where they were picked up) using Bluecar vehicles that are 100% electric.

There are currently five carsharing services in operation in France (Lyon and Bordeaux), Italy (Turin), the United States (Los Angeles) and Singapore. This carsharing model offers flexible and accessible transport that meets the needs of both frequent and occasional users, and has been contributing to reducing air pollution in cities since 2011.

Bluecarsharing Bloc Bluely 1

Bluely – Lyon, France

Launched on 10 October 2013 in Lyon, Bluely now has 250 self-service Bluecars and 500 charging stations throughout Lyon and 10 neighbouring municipalities, including the Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport.

Bluecub, Bordeaux, France

Launched on 9 January 2014 in Bordeaux, Bluecub now has almost 160 self-service Bluecars and 380 charging stations in Bordeaux, nine neighbouring municipalities and Arcachon.

Bluetorino – Turin, Italy

Launched on 24 October 2016 in Turin, Italy, Bluetorino now has almost 200 self-service electric cars and 300 charging stations. In November 2018, Bluetorino opened its first station at Turin International Airport.

BlueSG – Singapore

BlueSG was launched on 12 December 2017 in Singapore, to respond to the Singaporean government’s joint objective: to reduce the number of private cars on the roads and to offer residents a means of transport that is both alternative and complementary to the public transport system. By 2020, BlueSG will have 1,000 cars, 500 stations and 2,000 charging stations.

BlueLA – Los Angeles, United States

Launched on 20 April 2018 in Los Angeles, BlueLA is the second carsharing service using electric cars from the Bolloré Group in the United States and mainly targets low-income households.